Sip Light. Breathe Light. Be Light.

To Be Light, means to live well. 

It's a way of feeling and a way of thinking.  It's seeing how you're connected to everything around you, from the food you eat to the plants that go through photosynthesis to transform the sunlight into breathable air for us to be able to breathe.  It's a way of life where you are no longer struggling to survive but are living lightly and more freely and are in harmony with the world around you.

God created everything including light. Plants use light to create their food and their nutritional make-up for human and animal consumption. Plants can be seen as our original "medicine".

Simplicity's mission is to be a vessel to share knowledge of the power everyone has within themselves to heal.

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 Light activates healing. 

Light carries information. Information organizes itself into intelligence. Intelligence is detected by awareness. Awareness becomes a state of mind. Thus, your mind opens up your consciousness to experience light in its three states: information, intelligence and expression to help heal or bring you back to your natural state of wholeness.


Herbs and Spices
Aromatic Candles
Green Goodness

Teas, Coffee, Herbs and Spices

Sip Light.

Botanicals are found from plant parts and can be used to make teas, coffee, herbs, spices and more. 


Simplicity offers a full range of herbal and botanical teas.

Aromatic Candles

Breathe Light.

It has been said that aromatherapy has been used for almost 6,000 years. This therapy uses essentials oils from plant compounds to help with holistic healing.


Simplicity creates aromatic candles that are specific to the health benefit and scent of your choice. Tell us more about the benefits you are looking for by completing the Contact form below.

Nutritional and Wellness Education

Be Light.

Your thoughts and actions have energy vibrations that effect you and others.  Good nutrition from nourishing your body, mind and soul assists your ability to be grounded and effective as you percieve and respond to your everyday interactions with people and situations. 


Simplicity offers educational workshops to learn more about the connection between what we eat, how we think and what we do.  Learn how you can receive more information by completing the Contact form below. 

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